My Six Month Newsieversary!

Last Friday was a really exciting day! It was officially 6 months from the first time I saw Newsies on Broadway, which led to an amazing six months of seeing the show 17 times. I averaged seeing the show about three times a month. Granted, most of those views came during the summer (specifically during June), but it has been an amazing journey.

This show inspires me, and touches my heart every time. Each of the 17 times that I have seen Newsies has been a new and special experience. I fall in love with the show over and over again. The actors put so much effort into their performance night after night, day after day, and they truly put it all out there for the audience and the Fansies (sometimes, a little more literally…like when Ryan Steele & Andy Richardson ripped their pants).

The actors are also all ridiculously sweet outside of the theatre. They never act annoyed at fans coming up to them, and they are sweet and often reply and retweet them on twitter. They are truly an example of what people in the limelight can be like. These actors are role models for people across the country, and, despite a few slip ups every now and then, they are people to be admired.

Newsies is the story of a rag-tag group of ragamuffins aiming to take on the behemoth Pulitzer. It’s a David and Goliath story that reminds the youth that despite their young age, they too can impact the world.

The music is catchy and makes you want to get up and move. It encourages you to keep going, to make changes, and to fight for what you believe in and what you deserve.

Six months and seventeen shows later, I still get the same excited butterflies in my stomach before the show. I’m eagerly awaiting the start of the show each time, and I can’t wait to feel the emotions of the actors every step of the way.

My six month Newsieversary show was absolutely amazing. The audience laughed, cried, and applauded every step of the way. The cast brought their A+++ game, and nailed every moment of the show.

Highlights from the night:

  • Discovering that Bree and I had already seen the same show at least once. July 2, 2012. An important one…Brendon Stimson’s Broadway debut, and the first time that Jeremy Jordan did not go on as Jack Kelly.
  • Seeing another show with Bree, on purpose this time
  • Having a true Newsies celebration–Schnippers and Schmackary’s!
  • During his bow, Corey Cott hesitated because he saw me. He pointed at me and smiled. Continued his bow and waved at me as he left the stage.
  • Kara Lindsay waved at me as she left the stage.
  • Jess LeProtto commented on how awesome my seat was.
  • At the stage door, I got pictures with Corey Cott and Ben Fankhauser.
  • After the stage door, Corey walked past Bree and I, and said thanks for coming, see you guys next time. (He knows there will be a next time).
  • Dance Moms were there…which meant nothing to me, but made the night awesome for the cast!

Look for a couple of posts featuring all my memorabilia leading up to my six month Newsieversary!!!

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