Flashback – Newsies #8


Originally, when I started posting Flashback posts, I wanted to rehash all 16 Newsies performances that I have seen. I quickly realized that it would be overkill for my blog, for me, and for anyone crazy enough to try to read all of my posts. So I decided I would just get through what I could, and I’d share more the week before my one year anniversary (which better happen, Disney. Why are you only selling tickets through March 17th? March 28th is not all that far off, AND then you’d have a year run under your belt. Whatever, though. I’m not complaining).

At any rate, I only got to my 8th performance. Which means I’ve only shown you half of the performances that I’ve seen since my first time. Which is convenient for a couple of reasons.

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve officially shared all of my stage door pictures with you guys. Which is good, right?
  2. These were the performances that I didn’t always write a blog post for, so that means that you have now gotten a little taste of every Newsies show I’ve seen.
  3. My eighth time seeing Newsies was July 2, 2012.

To those of you who aren’t a “Newsies Stalker” (thanks, Mommy) or, as the cast calls me, an “Ultimate Fansie” (I knew I liked you guys for a reason), July 2nd is a very important date in Newsies the Musical history. It’s the first time that Jeremy Jordan DID NOT GO ON AS JACK KELLY.

WHAT!?!?! I know. You’re probably still confused. It also marks Brendon Stimson’s Jack Kelly debut. Since today is his birthday, that’s a pretty interesting coincidence, right? The last show I share with you in honor of my 6 month Newsieversary is the one where today’s birthday boy made his Jack Kelly debut.

It gets better. My first time seeing the show, 6 months ago, was also a special day in Newsies the Musical history. Why? Because Kara Lindsay (who plays Katherine Plumber) did not, in fact, perform on March 28th. Her understudy, Laurie Veldheer, went on without a put-in-rehearsal for the Broadway show under her belt.

That’s enough of the fun facts, I think.

Time for some picture flashbacks!!!


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