Flashback – Newsies #4

I can’t remember exactly why I decided to go see Newsies for my fourth time.

I think it might have been because I had just gotten the CD of pictures from my parents’ visit, and there were some of Brendon’s mom and me (I had randomly met her in Times Square with my parents). I think I had wanted to give the pictures to Brendon to give his mom. I don’t know for sure though.

Let’s be honest…that doesn’t even matter. The point is that I did see Newsies for the fourth time (most likely because I wanted to) and that it was on May 11, 2012. At this performance, I got to see both of the swings on! Go Michael and Jack!

Michael Fatica was on for Ryan Steele (Specs!). Jack Scott was on for Ephraim Sykes (Mush–“I don’t know about that, but we sure scared the bejeebees out of Weisel!).

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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