Flashback! – Newsies #3


I’m going to keep sharing my Newsies flashbacks with you guys this week. I’m so excited about Friday! My six month Newsies-Versary is coming up so quickly! I can hardly believe it!!!

My third time seeing the show was April 20, 2012. It was the night before I was headed to California for a visit, and I was pretty stressed about the trip. This was the same trip where I would be giving a speech in front of a bunch of important people at my alma mater, and  I would be one of the least experienced speakers at this event. Suffice to say, I struggled writing my speech. If any one remembers my post about that, I think I spent a good couple of days listening to Watch What Happens on repeat. So of course, it got quoted in my speech, and it turned out to be a bit of a hit (much to my surprise). You can read my speech here if you’re interested in the awesomeness that comes from quoting Kara Lindsay’s Newsies song (My topic was Inclusive Community. I could have gone another way with Newsies references, and maybe one day I will. I mean think about it…”For the sake of all the children…” Yeah, that could be really good.)

Anyway, for my third time seeing the show, Alyssa won the lottery! I don’t think there were any swings or understudies on that night (My apologies if there were. I don’t have any understudy slips tucked into my Playbill from that night, and I usually save those).


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