The Shim Sham and Me


Shuffle, Step. Shuffle, Step. Shuffle, Step Step. Shuffle, Step.

I started my tap class one week and one day ago. In our first class, we started learning the Shim Sham. Our teacher taught us the rest of it last night. Which is great, except for one little detail.

I suck.

I might be one of the worst in my class at this stuff. I lose my balance regularly when I’m trying to switch my weight from foot to foot. Sometimes, I can’t even remember what the next steps are.

Normally, I hate these feelings. I don’t like feeling out of control or feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing. I get embarrassed and nervous.

Sometimes, its enough to make me quit.

But with tap, its different. I’m bad at it, to the point where I would normally be really embarrassed and would try to hide in the back of the class. But I’ve stayed in the front. I’ve practiced in the subway stations while waiting for my train in my flats. I’m trying to figure out how to make a practice space at home so I can actually use my taps (hello tap dancing on a deck in “da Bronx!).

It’s fun and exciting and invigorating.

And I don’t actually care that I’m really awful at it.

Because I’m having fun. And that’s what really matters.

I might never get this good at tap:

and I’ll for sure never get this good:

But I’ll keep trying doing my best, and I’ll have a tap-tastic time!


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