Newsies September 7, 2012

My parents are amazing and wonderful. Also, they are really good to me and bought me a seat to sit second row orchestra center for my birthday. It was amazing and unbelievable.

This was my fifteenth time seeing the show, but it still wasn’t enough. The show was absolutely wonderful and unique. I think that’s the great thing about live theatre. Every show is unique, special, and different from every other one. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the original cast five or six times, it’s always a little different, a little more real, that TV and movies can ever hope to be. There might be line changes or movement changes, whether intentional or not, but its all wonderful.

This time was especially marvelous. That’s not even a good enough word to describe this time. I literally had a HUGE smile plastered on my face the entire time. I could not stop smiling at the show. They guys were amazing, the ladies stunning. It was magic happening on stage right before my very eyes. It was glorious. I actually got to see the details of some of the dances, including Mike’s nerve tap (my reaction was something along the lines of Bonnie’s discovery that “actors make $30 a week…JESUS!”). I could clearly hear Jess’s yells and shouts (which you could even hear from the SRO spot, but it was much clearer). I think one of my favorite moments though, was Ben and Tommy looking out Pulitzer’s window right in my direction!

It was so much fun seeing them all at the stage door after the show. Everyone was super sweet, and I loved getting to talk to Garett a little more than usual. Ben was also a total sweetheart, and it was heartbreaking to realize that it would be the last time I would ever see Ephraim stage door Newsies.

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