I’m BA-ACK!!!!

Hello, hello, hello!

I am still here, no worries! I have not completely disappeared off the face of the earth.

I had a bunch of posts ready to go for the days I was in Chicago, but when I logged in to post the first one, they were GONE. It was TRAGIC! I couldn’t get the posting to work on my iPad, and my computer was being a little brat, so I had to take a break.

And during this break, I spent a lot of time thinking about the blog. I mean, it’s going really well, and I’m getting WAAAAY more hits than I ever thought I would. People are actually looking at my stuff. But I realized that most of what people are reading isn’t necessarily “Stephanie-isms.” They’re reading “Stephanie’s Broadway Experiences”. Which is fine and all, but once again, I have a blog that has changed direction.

I wanted this to be a place where I could talk about random things that meant something to me. Or share pictures and articles that begin to reveal who “Stephanie” really is. Sometimes, I think my Broadway posts do that. Other times, I think I find myself writing them because I know that’s what my readers want.

So here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to try to limit my Broadway posts to ones where I feel like “Stephanie” really comes out in them. That means no more posting random pictures from softball unless I want to share a funny story that happened (but the season is over, so that’s okay). This also means no more stage door pictures unless the show really moved me (this shouldn’t change much. I’m almost always moved by a show).

Basically, what’s going to happen is you’re going to get to see a little more of ME in this blog. Hopefully, you like that. If you don’t, I’m really sorry, but there are lots of other blogs you can check out that are all Broadway related and maybe aren’t as much about the person behind the blog.

Anyway, I hope you all still want to read what I write. I’ll be back to the blog by September 5th!


Stephanie 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m BA-ACK!!!!

  1. Happy to hear more about you, but I was anxiously awaiting the promised Newsies stage door pics for like a month…those aren’t happening now? Not that you know me or owe me a thing, but you take the best stage door pics of the Newsies so I won’t be able to help being dissapointed if you don’t post more.

    • Awww! Thanks for the compliment! I will post some, but this blog is about me, not about Newsies, and I definitely lost sight of that the last few months. I will still get those ones up…They’re scheduled for one of my first posts after September 5. I just wont be posting them as often this year 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog. Please keep commenting! I want to get to know my readers! How did you find my blog?

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