Wednesday Wishes July 11, 2012

It’s summer time, and styles in New York have been a-changin’. People are losing jackets and sleeves like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve heard it said that this summer will be the come-back for designer tank tops for men. Based on what I’ve seen, I have no doubt that this is true. It helps that the first six months of this year have been the warmest on record. No one wants to be wearing a jacket in these temperatures.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really noticed the adorable fashion sense of some of my favorite Broadway actors. Many of these ladies were so bundled up earlier in the year, that I hardly noticed their outfits, but they did all have adorable jackets and scarves. Now that they’ve cast these hindrances off and are really showing off their wardrobes, I’m super inspired.

New York is know for being one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and seeing these wonderful actors looking all adorable in their summer-wear despite the fact that they spend a couple of hours a day draped in layers of clothing underneath the heat of stage lights is absolutely inspiring. Kara Lindsay, Maddy Trumble, and Laurie Veldheer are always dressed adorably.

Let’s take a quick look at Kara and Maddy (I don’t have any pictures of Laurie’s outfits):

They’ve all got this really awesome sense of style that is perfect for the humid summer days here in New York. So to appreciate that, my Wednesday Wishes this week center around tops that I want, that I think they might like too (or at the very least that I want because they remind me of their styles).

Lakeside Romance Curvy Plus Top In Fuchsia

Rendered in lightweight cotton, this fuchsia and ivory plaid top exudes vintage-inspired charm with delicate ruffle accents, a demure neckline, and front button closures. Semi-sheer.

Pair this with some cuffed shorts and espadrilles, and you can channel all three of these lovely ladies by switching up your accessories. I personally thing Maddy would look phenomenal in this color.

Tropical Daydream Curvy Plus Chiffon Blouse

A sun kissed yellow hue and a breezy silhouette give this sheer chiffon blouse a hint of tropical glamor. Finished with elasticized dolman sleeves, an elasticized smocked hem, and an alluring keyhole back. Wear with your favorite camisole and espadrilles for relaxed style.

This top also reminded me of Maddy’s red one above (yes they are very different, but…). It’s got a similar feel to it, but the different color makes it so much fun.

Striped Montage Curvy Plus Top

Simple, chic, and beautifully refined, this delicate chiffon blouse in white boasts variegated stripes in colorful hues and a classic neck tie. Semi-sheer. Pair with your favorite camisole and statement jewelry.

I saw one of these ladies rocking a top with a similar silhouette once, and fell in love. It’s such a classic look, and these stripes give it a nice pop of color.

Orchid Gardens Curvy Plus Blouse

A garden of red and honeyed yellow roses are in full bloom on this romantic ivory blouse crafted in delicate chiffon. The style is completed with glowing front button closures, fitted cuffs, and an elasticized smocked hem for a flattering silhouette. Sheer.

For some reason, this one screams Kara at me. I think she’d rock this with khaki shorts and some cute sandals.

Coral Delight Crocheted Collar Blouse

A cream lace collar lends vintage-inspired style to this romantic coral hued chiffon top. Crafted in a flattering trapeze silhouette, the style is finished with front button closures and a back button keyhole closure. Semi-sheer. Fully lined.

I love the simplicity of this top. The cut is something I think would look adorable on all three ladies!

Delightful Bow Tank In Green

Polished with a romantic bow tied just so, this silky green tank features cream accents and a breezy trapeze silhouette. Tuck into a skirt or pair with jeans and wedges for effortlessly chic style.

I couldn’t pass this top up when I saw it. It’s a color I’ve seen Kara wear a couple of times, and it looks amazing on her. I like the details, and I think she might too!

Central Park Polka Dot Top

Glowing with a subtle hint of sheen, this silky beige top is adorned with playful coral polka dots, ruched accents, and crisp pleats at the neckline for added fullness. Finished with back button closures.

This top would look amazing on Maddy and Kara for sure. I know that they’d each bring their own unique style to it.

I really love these tops. I was trying to cut down the numbers because I usually just post five wishes, but I was having so much fun checking out Ruche’s tops, that I kept discovering more. Believe it or not, I actually narrowed down my wishes a lot.

What are you wishing for this week?

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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