Newsies and The TRL Generation: Broadway Sings the 90s

I wasn’t going to include Newsies in this post, but someone asked to see the pictures, so I’ll include those below. There will be Newsies pictures from last Friday when I went to the show with Megan, and from April 20th, because I just got those pictures from Alyssa, and want to share them with you. Basically the show was amazing as always.

Now, on to more important matters. On Sunday night, I went to Joe’s Pub to see “The TRL Generation: Broadway Sings the 90’s, a benefit for Broadway Impact” which was pretty awesome. There was a boy-band group, a Spice Girls remix, and lots of awesome single acts. I love 90s music. I love Broadway singers. It was perfect. It was everything I wanted it to be, and it was fabulous. I had a caesar salad, which was really good, but the performances were epic. Everyone did such an amazing job.

The highlight, though, was definitely Britney Poppins. Steffanie Leigh is fantastic, and she pulled off Britney beautifully. It definitely helped that she had Garett Hawe dancing back-up and he was rocking a bright blue TMNT t-shirt. They incorporated all sorts of Britney’s dance moves, and even brought out a snake! It was awesome. I can’t even begin to say.

Basically, I’ll be back at Joe’s Pub soon.

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