Newsies Softball July 5, 2012

Today was a sad day for me. It was my last time getting to see Broadway Show League Softball games until August! That’s going to be a LOOOOOOONG wait for me.

Fortunately, I did get to see Newsies play today. They had a really small team there today, but they played well. Almost everyone on the Newsies of New York team got to base at some point in the game, which was hard to do because every batter started with a 1-1 count. That meant the pitcher only needed to throw two strikes to get them out.  The Newsies hit well, and rounded the bases a few times. Their fielding was great today, too. There were a couple of balls that they didn’t quite get to, but there were definitely some moments when the Newsies skills were on it. Today, you could definitely tell that Jeremy Jordan has a little baseball experience under his belt. Brendon Stimson made a couple of good catches today. Julie Foldesi put in great effort as the catcher, and Brady pitched beautifully, covering bases as needed. Unfortunately, Once a Salesman played a little better, and we lost.

On a sidenote, Cassie (spelling might be off here, she runs the sound booth at Newsies) made a couple of killer catches for Davenport in the second game when they played against Book of Mormon!

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