Lucky Number 7: My seventh time seeing Newsies.

The last day of June, Chris and Sophia had tickets to go see Newsies. My favorite Broadway show. When I finally found out, the night before, I decided that come hell or high water I was going to get into that show.

First off, I’d given Laurie a couple of trading cards to get signed by some of the boys for me, and I wanted to get them back.

Secondly, Lewis Grosso was going on as Les. Lewis is my favorite little broadway actor. Seriously. He’s the best and most adorable little kid ever.

Third, I just love the show and I happened to have had $30 in cash handy.

So after a quick little jaunt through the American Museum of Natural History, I went down to my favorite place in all of New York: 208 West 41st Street. As soon as I got there, I went to the box office. I’m glad they don’t recognize me yet. I asked if there was going to be standing room only tickets available for purchase after the lottery (there were) and if Laurie had dropped off my trading cards (she’d given them to a security guy).

Then I went to talk to the guys running the lotto. I needed to see the show tonight, which I told them, and I asked where the standing room only line was (even though I already knew), and got into that line, and entered the lottery.

While I waited for the lotto to happen, I saw Ryan Breslin (Bres) walk by looking all cool with his iPad and his sunglasses, then Tommy Bracco walked by with Alex Wong, and then the lotto started.

I lost. Chris lost. Sophia lost. The guy I partnered up with lost. It was quite tragic, but I was first in line for standing room, so I wasn’t too upset. When they moved us to go get our tickets, my skin was jumping. I was so excited to be seeing Lewis perform again. I hadn’t seen him since March 31, and I missed his cute sad face and the way he sings “and we’ve got Jack.”

I bought my ticket and asked about the cards. They told me neither Laurie nor Nelson had come by yet, to which I replied that I knew who Nelson was and that I would just ask him when I saw him.

After grabbing food with Chris and Sophia, we headed back to the theatre. I saw Nelson, and asked him if Laurie had given him any trading cards. He said he hadn’t seen her yet, and that he’d go check backstage for her and bring the cards to me.

I jumped in line and waited patiently, scouting out Newsies walking by. Nelson came by and told me Laurie hadn’t shown up yet, but that she might be walking by, and a few minutes later she did!

She looked happy to see me, and said that she’d get the cards to Nelson and to enjoy the show. Then Garett Hawe walked by and said hi, and I just about died right there.

Then the line started moving, and when I got to the front, Nelson asked me where I was sitting so he could bring me the tickets and I told him I was doing standing room only, and he said he’d bring me the trading cards when Laurie gave them to him.

Before the show started, I bought a new Newsies tshirt, and got Jack Scott’s trading card! Hello completed collection! Now I just need to get Lewis and Jack to sign their trading cards. I also got to talk to other people who were SRO, and give them advice on when to duck to see what was blocked by the mezzanine, which sort of bothered the guy sitting in front of me, even though I didn’t say anything about the actual plot that isn’t in the playbill  (Dude, it lists all the songs in order in the playbill, and I only referenced songs).

Then the show started and was just a beautiful as always. Newsies is filled to the brim with some ridiculously talented actors and actresses. They are all stunning and amazing every second of the show. Just after Watch What Happens, Nelson brought me the trading cards! I was so close to completing my set…just two more signatures on cards to go!

At intermission, I met more people who let me gush about how amazing the show is and how much I love the movie. Then I opened my envelope from Laurie to check out my four trading cards, only to discover a fifth! A fansie had made Laurie her own trading cards and she gave one to me! SIGNED! I was so excited!

When the second act started, I had calmed down a little bit. I was enjoying the show, watching my favorite people nail it on stage, when Nelson came up to me. “Come with me” as I started to follow he pointed to my stuff, “bring that with you.” Then he proceeded to walk me down to the fifth row in the center orchestra. “You can sit here for the rest of the show.” I just about died. I was in shock and awe, I’m not sure how I was functioning.

So I sat and cried and watched the most magical parts of Newsies (Something to Believe In and Once and For All) up close and center. My eyes are red in all of my stage door pictures as a result of this…but that’s okay because it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

NELSON IS THE MAN! I adore him. I think he is the best thing since sliced bread. He’s ridiculously awesome. I can’t even explain how amazing I felt because of his actions that night.

I still got to the front of the stage door line, which was awesome, and I got to take pictures with just about everyone who came out.

And guess who came out? That’s right. The elusive Kyle Coffman. So we made a video of him saying hi to his biggest fan:

All in all, it was an amazing night, and I can’t wait to see the show again July 8!!!!

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