Newsies Softball June 28, 2012 — Doubleheader How to Succeed & Million Dollar Superstar

We had a mini Fansies meet-up in central park today. Caroline, Jordan, Adam and I were all hanging out at the Great Lawn to watch our Newsies play some killer softball.

This was the week for make up games, and everyone had two rainouts to make up for. Newsies played How to Succeed on GL Field 5 at 11:30. It was a tough game, and more Newsies slowly started to arrive for the second game as the innings passed. When Tommy Bracco showed up, he saw Bres’s cooler and asked “Who’s cooler is that? Can I throw a cannoli in there?” (Oh Italian boys…). Brendon Stimson showed up and proceeded to keep his backpack on before Evan Kasprzak came up to him and said, “Man, you’ve been here for an hour. You can take off your bag now.” Despite these respites of humor, the game was a nail biter, going to the 11th inning with Newsies lost at the last minute.

Their second game was on GL Field 4 against Million Dollar Superstar, a team consisting of folks from both Million Dollar Quartet and Jesus Christ Superstar. This game had a lot of runs happening, and at one point Jeremy Jordan hit a foul, and made it all the way home before anyone told him. Don’t worry. He got another homerun (on an error) in later after which Aaron Albano commented, “That was alright. I mean, it’s no Christian Bale…” Newsies won the second game.

All in all, it was a great day to watch some softball and cheer on the men and women who dance and sing and act their hearts out eight times a week.

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