Ghost: The Musical

Ghost. Maybe you’ve heard of the 1990 Romantic Drama-Fantasy-Mystery movie starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Not ringing a bell? Whoopi Goldberg is also in it, as the Psychic Oda Mae Brown? Yeah. This one:

Classic movie right? Well it recently got turned into a musical (yes, a musical) and has been put on BROADWAY! Now, Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg are not in the musical version, but they have got some fantastic actors to replace them (in some cases, I think the stage actors might even be a little more believable than the movie, which is saying something!).

Now, I wouldn’t say this is the greatest show on Broadway, but I for one liked it a whole lot more than Once, and it is extremely good. Like, I-wish-I-could-go-back-and-see-it-again-and-again good. I would rate it just below Newsies, tied with How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

I was super skeptical about Ghost: The Musical. My initial thought when I heard about it was something along the lines of “another movie to musical”? Really? I mean, I get Newsies: The Musical (It should have always been a stage production), but I think that made four NEW movies-to-stage shows on Broadway at the time. Which is a little crazy in my opinion. Especially since three of those new ones were from the early 90s. But whatever.

Then I started to hear some good things. And lots of people were disappointed that Ghost didn’t get more Tony nominations…and that’s when I knew I should see it.

Almost two weeks ago, I met that Crazy-Awesome girl (her name is Jamie, for future reference), and another awesome guy (John), in the lottery line for Newsies. John has seen Ghost so many times, I don’t know if he’s even sure how many times. He talked it up, and Jamie talked it up, and I knew that I needed to see this show.

So on my last day to hang out with Jamie before she jetted off to Florida (sad face), we went and tried our luck for the Ghost lottery. Jamie had already seen it multiple times this past week, but she wanted to give it another try, and against all odds, her name got called first.

I got to see Ghost. It was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the stage magic and the special effects that went in to creating the show. I don’t know if I can ever go back and watch the movie now. Caissie Levy and Richard Fleeshman seriously looked like they were truly, madly, deeply in love. And they were gorgeous together. Also, Richard is stunning. STUNNING, I tell you. And I find him WAAAAY more attractive that Patrick Swayze. Also, his stage voice is dreamy. I think I was falling for Sam while sitting in the audience, and I know I wasn’t the only one. I overheard one audience member say “I wish Willie stole Sam’s wallet AND shirt…Then he could spend most of the show shirtless.”

Da’Vine Joy Randolph is AMAZING as Oda Mae Brown. Girl has style, attitude, and a killer voice. I was blown away by how much sass she had on stage, and I’m a little confused about why she doesn’t have a Tony. Without her, Ghost would be NOTHING (literally…he’d still be a ghost). She plays her character so well. It was simply stunning! I wanted to hang out with Oda Mae.

Everyone did a great job nailing their character. The music isn’t the greatest, but its still good, and gets stuck in your head every so often.

The special effects MAKE the show. It is amazing…like a musical magic show at times. It’s great! And they do such a good job making it super convincing. The LED light backgrounds are super high-tech and fancy. They do a great job making you feel the scene changes. The only problem that I had with the lighting is that sometimes it felt like it was blinding my eyes (but this was literally only for a few seconds maybe three times during the show.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the dancing in the show, but I’ve been watching the choreography of Christopher Gattelli in Newsies so much, and they won the Tony for Best Choreography, so I had extremely high standards going in. The cool parts were definitely when Richard was getting beat up by the subway ghost…that took some skill. I definitely see where those abs of his come in handy…

All in all, Ghost was magical. It’s definitely worth seeing, and I would for sure go back again and again!

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