Five Fabulous Friday Favorites! (June 8, 2012)

Here’s a list of some favorite things from the past week!

Favorite Article: did an article on “How to Plan a Tony Party!”

So, you want to plan a Tony party for your friends, right? Everyone loves to get together and watch the Awards with a group of like-minded people who would have as much fun cheering and screaming at the tv as they do. Just in case you need a few suggestions of what to do at the party, we’re here to help!

My team and I have come up with a few fun things that might spice up the party. (Click here to read the rest!)

Favorite Dinner:

Creamy Gnocchi Alfredo

Creamy Gnocchi Alfredo

Favorite Mixed Emotion Moment:

GRADUATION! My seniors have OFFICIALLY GRADUATED! I am so proud of all of them, but so sad I won’t see their smiling faces next year!

Favorite TV Show:

ABC's Revenge

ABC’s Revenge

Favorite YouTube Video:

Hope you enjoyed! Share your Friday Favorites in the comments below!!! Thanks all!

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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