Newsies Pun Twitter Conversation

Last night, one of the best twitter conversations I have even seen/been a part of happened. I will do my absolute best to transcribe it here, but it all happened so fast…

It all started with a simple, innocent tweet from Jack Scott (@JackJackScott), amazing Newsies Swing:

@JackJackScott: Someone literally just sang me the chorus to "Call Me Maybe" and gave me their number haha! #YMBJ #rich

Of course, being a true Fansie, Jasmine (@immjasmine) was inspired to tweet:

@immjasmine: So since someone sang "Call Me Maybe" to @JackJackScott... I have come to the conclusion that I'm singing "Burnin' Up" to Kyle because I can

And I encouraged her, saying:

@scarlsen20: @immjasmine do it!!!

to which she replied:

which resulted in the following conversation happening:

@scarlsen20: @immjasmine I believe in you! You are #SomethingToBelieveIn!!!

@immjasmine: @scarlsen20 okay i gotta #siezetheday

@scarlsen20: @immjasmine and then #WatchWhatHappens

@immjasmine: @scarlsen20 and then I’ll be #kingofnewyork!

@GillyMonka: @immjasmine @scarlsen20 I love this conversation, and #TheWorldWillKnow

@scarlsen20: @immjasmine and that, Jasmine, is #TheBottomLine!

@OfficialGigi: @immjasmine @scarlsen20 Unless you move to #SantaFe 🙂 Sorry…it needed to contuinue. #FansieProblems

@OfficialGigi: So many Newsies puns on my timeline right now…<3

@scarlsen20@OfficialGigi: So many Newsies puns on my timeline right now…<3″ @immjasmine & I are always #CarryingTheBanner

@OfficialGigi: @scarlsen @immjasmine There’s no pun for it, but #BrooklynsHere because that song is genius. 🙂

@GillyMonka@scarlsen20 @OfficialGigi @immjasmine YES ❤ #ThatsRich

@immjasmine: @GillyMonka @scarlsen20 @OfficialGigi you guys have so many puns and i just don’t have any so you know what? #watchwhathappensreprise

@GillyMonka: @immjasmine @scarlsen20@OfficialGigi we’re going to get all the puns #OnceAndForAll

@scarlsen20: @immjasmine @gillymonka @officialgigi #INeverPlannedOnYou guys. You make me smile 🙂

@immjasmine: @scarlsen20 @gillymonka @officialgigi so guys…. #santafeprologue eh?

@OfficialGiGi: @immjasime @scarlsen20 @gillymonka More like #WatchWhatHappensReprise because Ben.

@scarlsen20 [referencing #BrooklynsHere tweet above]:  @OfficialGigi @immjasmine Well, it would have, if only @TommyBracco or @tommybraccofans had joined our punny conversation #BottomLineReprise?

@GillyMonka: @scarlsen20 @immjasmine @officialgigi Yay! Smile! That’s #TheBottomLineReprise

@scarlsen20: @GillyMonka @immjasmine @officialgigi I’m posting this conversation on my blog-Know that #dontcomeknockingatmydoor doesn’t apply to you guys

@GillyMonka: @scarlsen20 @immjasmine @officialgigi I hear that is a slogan in #SantaFe

@OfficialGigi: @scarlsen @gillymonka @immjasmine OMG REALLY?! I gotta see it when it’s done-like the #Finale!

@immjasmine: @OfficialGigi @scarlsen @gillymonka #cryingbecausethisissoperfect

@GillyMonka: @OfficialGigi @scarlsen20 @immjasmine I’m sure it’s as wonderful as the middle, and the #Overture #WeGotThemALL

@OfficialGigi: @GillyMonka @scarlsen20 @immjasmine WAIT WE FORGOT ONE. Now #OnceAndForAll, I think we’re got them all covered 🙂

And that, ladies and gents, is how you do it! Want to be a part of the next Newsies Pun Twitter Conversation? Follow us! You never know when it will happen!!!

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