LVs Donate Hair in Support of Cancer Patients

This past weekend was a very important retreat for the volunteer program I participate in…it was our last retreat of the service year, known as debriefing. We meet at one of the top (if not the top) retreat locations in the country, and spend a few days reflecting on our year and spending some time together hanging out.

Every year some LVs choose to grow their hair out over the course of the service year and then cut a minimum of eight inches off and donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. This year, two guys joined the mix and grew their hair out too. Though they didn’t quite have eight inches, they were able to donate their hair to Locks of Love to help off-set the cost of making wigs for cancer patients.

This whole year, I said I wasn’t going to donate my hair. I swore up and down that I couldn’t do it. I talked about how I’ve donated my hair many times before and I don’t like my hair shorter. I was set against it.

Then I got to retreat, and I was so impressed and proud of all the beautiful young women and the two lovable young men who had committed to this mission. I felt called to join them. I decided to cut eight inches of my very long hair off to donate. I could do it.

I ended being the last person to get called by the stylists. I was nervous. I was scared. When she asked me how much I wanted to donate, my brain said “Only eight inches” but my heart got to my mouth first, and I heard myself say “I’m thinking 12 inches is reasonable.” What!?!?!

I couldn’t believe it, but I knew it was the right thing to do. My hair grows ridiculously fast, especially if I get it trimmed every couple of months. I’ll have all my hair back in no time, and someone who really needs it will get to wear my hair, and the hair of the other brave souls who inspired me.

I was still a little nervous though, and I gripped Angela’s hand as my hair stylist cut off my two ponytails, but my hairstyle looks amazing thanks to her fabulous skill (hopefully, she’ll cut my hair again next year, if I can grow at least another four inches this year). I thought I’d include the pictures here for you guys:


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