I Broke Our Blender…

Tragedy has struck my community. Our blender died a horrific death last night. There I was, blending this deliciously healthy sounding pesto (Kale, Asparagus, and Chickpeas Pesto from Munchin with Munchkin) for tonight’s dinner (look at me, trying to get ahead of the game), not a care in the world, when all of a sudden, it stopped. That’s right. The blade stopped turning. The blender itself was on, but the motor seemed to be smoking (it was). The kitchen smelled a little funky, and there was no movement and no sound coming from the blender.

“Oh shit” was my immediate reaction, as I hit the “OFF” button and yanked the cord out of the socket. I broke the blender. My saving grace was gone. The thing that made me delicious green smoothies in the morning, and milkshakes on bad days. The thing that was a key part of my dinner was not working. What in the world was I supposed to do, I had a half-blended mess of pesto that is still in very desperate need of blending, and the plan to make popovers per a Pinterest request from Chris.

Oh, and a ton of extra kale that I was going to use to make more pesto. That will not get made now.

Maybe I’ll have a new blender when I get home (odds are not), but what’s my back-up plan for this disastrous meal? Well, I will be warming the pesto up until I can mash (yes, like potatoes) it all up and get it a little more, uh, “blended”, and we might not (I mean, will not) be having popovers with our pasta tonight. As for the leftover kale, I’m going to try to make kale chips, which will be a nice snack to have before dinner and later on this week

This is just so typical, though, right? When you try to be healthy and do something different and nice, the world seems to say “haha, yeah right!” But I am telling you, “the world will know that we been here.” Sure, “we’re doing something no one’s ever tried, and yes we’re terrified, but watch what happens! You can’t undo the past, so just move on and stay on track…” and this dinner will still work out, right?

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