Dress like Katherine Plumber from Disney’s Newsies the Musical!

Katherine Plumber is a new character in the stage adaptation of the 1992 Disney film, Newsies. Combining Denton’s reporter skills with Sarah’s femininity, and aiming for a Nellie Bly-type character, Harvey Fierstein has created a strong female at the turn of the century subtly fighting for women’s rights while trying to expose another story, that of the “thousands of children, exploited, invisible”.

In the stage adaptation, Kara Lindsay plays Katherine, and she does a phenomenal job bringing this fictitious character to life, “taking a stand” against her (SPOILER) father, and helping the Newsies make a difference in the world. Katherine is far from the typical Disney Princesses of old. She fits in much better with the likes of Belle, Jasmine, and Mulan–three women who challenged the norms of their respective times and cultures and made a difference. Katherine is someone for young girls to look up to.

Here’s a way to wear her look today. “With her camera [ring] and her pen”, Katherine is ready to catch the Newsies’ every move!

Katherine Plumber - Newsies the Musical

Newsies takes place in 1899, so women’s fashion left us mostly covered up. Fortunately, we are in a brand-new century, just as Katherine asked for in “Watch What Happens” and we don’t need to be quite as covered up. So I’ve paired this cute t-shirt which has a VERY simplified version of her top’s pattern, with a maxi-skirt. Instead of the kerchief that she has around her neck, I’ve added a bright blue necklace to match the belt and contrast with the purple-pizazz coloring everywhere else. I’m a huge fan of strappy wedges, and I think that Katherine would approve of these fabulous yet simple shoes for this outfit…especially during a New York City summer.

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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