Anything Goes and ASK ME!


Last night I finally saw ANYTHING GOES. It was a great show! Chris laughed waaaay more often than I expected, and waaaay louder than I expected. I was a little uncomfortable with that because he literally COULD NOT STOP laughing. I mean, it was funny, and very good, but I didn’t think it was THAT funny. I also wasn’t a huge fan  of the dance sequences with only two people in them, but that’s because I have high standards for that type of scene. I mean, I grew up on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (and Fred Astaire with other women), and man, it is hard to beat Fred Astaire at dancing. I don’t think anyone ever has, actually.

ANYTHING GOES had just enough humor, and just enough drama. The music was really good, most of it has a fun beat, and those that don’t come just in time for relaxing. I wasn’t a huge fan of the parts where they suddenly acted like they knew there was an audience, because I felt like it was just thrown in there, but they were executed well, and added another layer of humor.

I loved the tap sequence at the end of the ACT I. It was beautiful and phenomenal, and exciting! Definitely ended the act on a high note! ACT 2 felt super short, but the story got tied together nicely.

The principle cast did a phenomenal job with the show, and Stephanie J Block was a perfect replacement for Sutton Foster. I think it was awesome that most of the cast came out and started signing playbills right away and thanking everyone for coming to a show…that doesn’t happen at every show, but they really show how grateful they are for the fans.

How to Succeed and Newsies both have really amazing casts. Everyone comes out eager to sign and chat (with the exception of the rules governing Nick Jonas’s coming to the stage door), and the cast of Anything Goes made me feel the same sense of excitement at the stage door.


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