Wednesday Wishes (May 9, 2012)

I thought it would be cool to share wishes with you guys every week. Or every other week. Or just whenever I can’t come up with something better to post on a Wednesday.

This week’s wishes are tangible. They aren’t ideas, or anything deep and awesome like that. They are just things I want, things I wish I had.

  • Newsies Tickets. Always want these. ALWAYS.

New Newsies tickets are always at the top of my list!!!

  • Batman caped socks. They are just too cool for words.
Batman Caped Socks

Batman Caped Socks

  • A rose gold watch with a white band…I will one day find the perfect one.
  • Playbill Binder

Let’s keep all those beautiful playbills nice and organized and safe!

  • Broadway Poster Frames for my Newsies signed poster

I want to show off my fancy-pants signed Newsies posters in these!!!

That’s this weeks round-up of what I’ve been wanting!

What have you been wishing for???

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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