Teacher Appreciation Week 2012

teacher and its importance

This week is a week that we often overlook. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week.

As children, we don’t always show our teachers the appreciation that they deserve. We take from them, and complain about them, and whine about tests. Sometimes, we do our homework and work hard in their classes. Sometimes, we forget that there is a quiz in class, or to read ahead.

Teachers work really hard for each and every one of us. They do their best not to play favorites, and they try to reach out to all of their students. They stay on top of technology to teach us in interesting and different ways. They fight for our successes. They cry when we fail.

Teachers love us. Frustrating or the perfect student, it doesn’t really matter in the eyes of a teacher. They want the same thing from each one of us.

Teachers are the people who can really reach out and change our lives. It’s the little things they do, from putting a sticker or a star on top of an essay, to bringing in a movie as a treat for the class, that makes a difference in the eyes of their students. The little things are the things that change us.

It’s having the teacher take an extra ten minutes out of their day at the end to sit and talk with you that helps you. It’s the teacher knowing somethings wrong, even if you don’t.

These people are overlooked so often, and I ask you to reach out to any teacher, current or past, and thank them for what they have done for you. If you think they haven’t done anything for you yet, thank them anyway. One day, you’ll look back and be glad you did, because in 5, 10, maybe 15 years, you’ll see that they did, in fact, help you.

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