How often do we think about food? And I mean really think about it. Not an “oh, I’m hungry” or a “what should I make” thought. But a deeper “where did this come from?” or “how did this get here?” type of thought.

If your name is Michael Pollan, I’m guessing you spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about all sorts of deep thoughts involving food. If your name is not Michael Pollan, odds are you think about it about as often as I do, which isn’t very often.

But I do have my moments. Like today. Sitting at work snacking on Triscuits and Cheez-Its. How could I make these at home?

Well, one bite of triscuits in, and I decided to look up recipes for Cheez-its instead. The truth of the matter is that Triscuits owe a lot the the thin wisps of grains woven together to create that tell-tale pattern. Any SMC alum knows what I’m talking about here…how many of us called that horrible scratchy bland wall a “Triscuit Wall”…oh, yeah. EVERYONE.

But I digress. Basically, I decided I have neither the time nor the patience to figure out the weaving technique that makes Triscuits so gosh darn delicious, and since Cheez-Its were my next snack…the search began.

Eventually, I hope to make better tasting Cheez-Its…and by better tasting, I mean they taste good and I don’t feel bad about all the horrid chemicals I am subjecting my body to…because, of course, there won’t be any.

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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