Hello world!

Crazy things happen every day. Boring things happen every day. Someone tries to do something every day. Someone fails at something every day. Every day.

Sort of crazy once you think about it.

Every day.

EVERY day.

every day.

Time sometimes seems so insignificant. Sometimes, it seems so significant.

Many people don’t record any of the hundreds of thousands of thoughts that run gently through their head over the course of the day.

Many people start a blog and only write one or two (or a couple dozen) entries before they give up (guilty).

These people only fail when they do something along the lines of quitting for good. Taking a break is one thing. Totally fine. Heck, even if its a twenty year break, its still fine. The problem arises when you are too scared to come back to a project and it keeps you away.

So this rather lengthy ramble is a new start.

A new beginning.

Star Wars Fans, Rejoice.

A New Hope.

Yeah. I’m that kind of person. I’ll just randomly throw in a movie, book, or music reference when I feel like it.

Anyway. This is my restart. A new blog to capture any thoughts that strike my fancy. Some days, I might post 10 times. Some days I might not post (um, that will definitely be weekends. No computer time on the weekends for this girl. I get enough of that during the week). But whatever I post will be interesting, and uniquely me (inspired by other folks of course).


Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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