The Month of October

So. October has been one busy month. I feel like I haven’t stopped yet. It’s been tough being in New York this month. My mom’s been in and out of the hospital for the majority of the last four weeks, and all I wanted to do was see her. But it’s really hard to do that from some 3,000-odd miles apart.

Anyway, this month has been filled to the brim with other happenings. Chris and I have endeared ourselves to a lovely little hangout in Greenwich Village, and head there more often than we probably ought to, but it’s inexpensive and delicious. It’s the perfect place for a relaxed after-work hang out.

We also had the chance to head up to the A-frame for Colombus Day weekend, which consisted of Chris, Kenny, and I sitting on our bums all day watching movies, eating, and sleeping. Goodness were we worn out that weekend.

The next weekend, Kenny headed home to Memphis, leaving Chris, Jenni and I to hold down the fort. That Friday, Chris and I met up at our hangout to de-stress a bit before heading over to Godspell and Wicked. We tried to rush both shows, but had no luck in either lottery. Bummer, right? So we ended up just wandering around Times Square and doing a little bit of shopping. The cool thing we discovered? American Eagle was introducing Google Wallet, which was this awesome application that lets you store your gift cards and coupons in one place on certain phones. They had the phones and let you wander around the store looking for discounts while you shopped. Plus, since we checked in via FourSquare, we got an additional 15% off. I ended up getting around $120 worth of stuff for about $30 after the discounts and gift cards. The next day, Alyssa and I planned to meet for Footloose, and I got Jenny and Chris to come along. Alyssa and I couldn’t stop dancing in our seats! This worked out way better than our original plan…which was for me to fly out to NYC to see it with her. Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways. Anyway, Chris and I were texting Kenny after the movie, and he was going to see the show in Memphis, and the director was there! So our very awesome roommate brought us back a beautiful signed poster that we’ll probably have to fight over in the end. But it’s still awesome to be able to touch it.

Alyssa and I were talking about how we’ve been planning on seeing this movie since the remake first made it into the news…back when Chase Crawford was supposed to be in in and before. It totally lived up to our expectations. I literally had to hold myself back from dancing. I loved the music, the dancing, and the story line was fabulous. But my favorite? Willard. He was absolutely perfect. Miles Teller did a fantastic job, and was just as endearing as Willard was in the original. I wish I could give him a giant hug!

Later that night, Chris, Jenni and I hung out in Times Square, but OccupyTimesSquare was happening, so we went back to the village to our hang out. All in all, the first couple of weekends were a lot of fun this month. More updates will come after the LVs run this upcoming weekend.

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