Girls Night!

This weekend we are heading up to the A-frame. Which is really just another house the Christian Brothers have up by the Hudson River near Albany. But it’s shaped like an “A,” hence the name “A-frame.”

The boys (Kenny and Chris) went up today with Br. Jim Martino, so Jenni and I decided to have a girls day. She got off work around 1230, and we went off seeking adventure. We ended up at Columbus Circle, and just wandered around for a while.

Well, we were really searching for a Wells Fargo, which was practically impossible to find. We found a TJ Maxx, where we spent a good hour and a half looking for the right purse for Jenni. No luck. Then, we found a Borders and I got a few books that I can’t wait to read (3 books for $4 after using my $10 giftcard…those are the prices I’m talking about).

We got pretty hungry by then, so we decided to splurge and we went to Whole Foods. I was so full afterwards, and it was oh-so delicious! I had one of their salmon meals with strawberry fields salad and tortellini salad. It hit the spot!

Then we had to work off all those calories! So we wandered around heading east and west for a while and popping our heads into interesting stores along the way. I got a few desk decorations and a couple of hair clips.

By this point, it was getting late, so we wandered down to Times Square. We popped in and out of stores there for a while, and at one point, ended up with some men visiting from Wisconsin behind us. One of their group was waiting at the edge of the parked cars nearer the street than the sidewalk waiting for the walk light. A cop was in the area (it’s Times Square. They are all over…) and his buddies started shouting at him to get out of the street because a cop was coming (like they even care in touristy areas). Then, one of the electronic billboards got really bright (like daytime bright), and the guys were like “Oh my God, its so bright out and its 10 o’clock…this is not Wisconsin.”

Needless to say, Jenni and I cracked up. Oh, tourists.

We wandered through Forever 21 and I bought a $16 dress that’s pretty cute…I can’t wait to wear it!

And now, I’m packing up for the A-frame…The Philly boys will be here in the morning to pick up Jenni, Ed and I.

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