First Days of Work!

So I’ve officially had my first days of work. No students yet, but we did some set-up stuff and just did some general helping-out.

The last three mornings, we wandered off to work after morning prayer, getting us into work around 10ish. We helped Ms. Masulo with organizing the bookstore, since so many books and boxes and packeages came in while she was away, and she needed help getting them all separated by class. We helped her move some of the books to the classrooms they belonged in, and when she didn’t need our help, we went up to our room to organize and get comfortable with it.

This week was pretty slow, and we had everything ready to go for the first couple weeks of school by this morning, but we hung around until we could get our lunch with Dr. Macatee.

Whole Foods definitely tastes better when you’re not the one paying for it…Dr. Macatee was kind enough to take Br. Joe, Br. Peter, Kenny and I out for lunch today, and it was quite delicious. There are so many wonderful options for food!

Anyway, that’s the basic summary for the last few days of summer/work combination. We didn’t do a whole lot of anything, but it was all very wonderful.

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