First day of work…CANCELLED!

Darn Irene. She faked out the entire city of New York. We had high expectations for the terror she would bring, and what did she do? Oh, yes. Acted like she was gonna come at us full (for NYC) force, and then once Bloomberg shut everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) down, laughed at the sleeping “City that Never Sleeps” and just brushed us by.

So as a result of her acting like she wanted to show NYC the biggest tragedy since 9-11, work was cancelled today. Tragic, right?

Of course, Kenny, Chris, and I were still all a little stir-crazy, so after I made a quick trip to Rite Aid, we headed out to embrace the glorious thing called Adventure.

A short subway ride to the bottom of Manhattan later, we found ourselves on a boat. Well, a ferry actually. The Staten Island Ferry to be exact. We took pictures of the Statue of Liberty and practiced saying “Lady Liberty” with a British accent (Try it! you sound quite refined!).

By the time we got over to Staten Island, Kenny wanted a pre-lunch snack which consisted of a foot-long sandwich from Subway. Neither Chris nor I were hungry yet, but we went outside to sit along the path and look out to the beauty of the Manhattan skyline while Kenny ate.

Despite having a hurricane-downgraded-to-a-baby-tropical-storm just roll through, the water was really clean. There didn’t seem to be nearly enough trash near the waterline for the supposed tragedy we encountered.

We headed back across the water (yeah, we perfected the art of walking on water. You jump on the ferry again and walk around), and wandered through Battery Park again. It’s actually a very beautiful park and I really like the statue and the eternal flame commemorating September 11, which was unfortunately not burning because of darn Irene.

Kenny then pulled out the walking tour cards our community has for NYC and we began a walking tour of the bottom of Manhattan. We stumbled upon Fraunces Tavern, which is this really awesome old tavern from NYC’s earliest colonial days. It’s where George Washington bid farewell to his troops after the Revolution. They have a museum upstairs, and a restaurant and bar downstairs. We wandered through the museum part for a bit, and then went to leave. We were stopped at the door, and asked if we wanted to enjoy a drink or food before we left.

After a moment of exchanging glances, unsure if we wanted to pay the exhorbitantly high prices to eat in the presence of George Washington, Kenny decided that we should, at the very least, have a drink where George Washington once ate and drank. We headed to the bar area in the back, and as we enjoyed our ales and cider, the bartender convinced us to try the small bar snacks. Which are not really snacks, but rather personal lunches. And more reasonably priced. And they turned out to be absolutely delicious.

From there, I separated from the boys. They went along Wall Street and ended up at the Tenement Museum, while I headed North on the 1 Train to visit Alyssa, who had just moved to NYC the Saturday before (as in, she barely landed before the airports all shut down because of dear, sweet Irene).

I got to say a quick hello-goodbye to her mom, and then we wandered around, walking South. We arrived at a sign that said something about a Roller Rink. So we investigated. And found absolutely nothing. Lame, right?

We did however, find our way to a darling little coffee shop by 142nd street, which was quite good. I had to leave after that to get home for dinner.

It was great having the chance to see someone from home again. I love my new community, but there’s always something nice about being able to see someone in person who you’ve known for more than a month and a half.

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