Hurricane Irene

So Irene made it look like she was going to come and destroy NYC. So what happened? Oh, of course. The whole freaking “City that never sleeps” decided to shut down. As in, there is NOTHING to do. NOTHING.

We did all of this prep work for the hurricane. Which included Joe buying GALLONS of MILK. He thought it would be a good thing for us to have milk. Now, think about it. If the power goes out, we have to drink all of this milk within a few hours. I drink milk like my life depends on it (it sort of does), but I don’t think even I could have made a dent in all that milk. Goodness. Anyway, so we ended up with a fridge full of milk, and another fridge filled with beer, and a little bit of soda.

So we’re ready for this hurricane. We had buckets of water for flushing and washing hands and dishes, and a couple of pitchers of drinking water. We were ready for this thing.

Saturday morning comes, and Kenny is out riding a bike before the storm comes. Bill’s family also arrives for a visit.  Really, its to take their daughter to college at NYU. But they decided to stay with us even though Bill is gone because they are awesome like that. The rain comes early, and Kenny comes home soaked. So we hang out and get to know Bill’s familyover the weekend, and we watch a lot of TV and movies, and read a lot and basically just hang out.

It was hard to sleep Saturday night because of all the stored energy from not doing ANYTHING all day. But I managed. And when I got up Sunday morning, I was going stir-crazy already.

We went on an exploring adventure to see what damage Irene had brought. There was more garbage on the street, and some branches strewn about. As we passed Fordham’s campus, a giant branch fell out of a tree. It didn’t crack then though, so it had already broken away from the tree. But it waited to fall until we walked by.

So Hurricane Irene was pretty much just a strong storm when it came through.

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