Rhode Trip!

No, I did not misspell my title. This weekend, the Bedford Park volunteers took a road trip to Rhode Island to catch up with the amazing Br. Ed Phelan. He was there for a meeting with the Christian Brothers, and we decided that we could all do with a little sunshine and surf…and some time away from the humidity of the Big Apple. Thus, we found ourselves crammed into a glorious looking rental car (read: sarcasm), driving east.

To get in the mood, we rocked out to some Beach Boys, and quickly realized that every song sounds about the same. I think they’ve really only written like two or three sets of music and just use different lyrics for their songs. Who knows, really? Anyway. We drove straight through New York State, and probably two-thirds of the way through Connecticut before we needed to get gas (the car got pretty good mileage). So we were all pretty hungry at this point, and discovered that there was a Five Guys near where we pulled off to get gas. Actually, it was closer to the freeway entrance that we currently were. Thus, we enjoyed some delicious Five Guys, which contrary to many people’s belief is NOT better than In-N-Out. In-N-Out only needs three items on their menu, and the three items are SLIGHT variations of each other. Five Guys has easily triple that many items. And yet, I digress again.

So we get back on the road with our bad of left over fries and roasted peanuts, and continue through the great state of Connecticut into Rhode Island. We arrive at the Noble House in Narraganset, and try to call Ed to find out where we should meet him, but we don’t have a lot of luck with that, and we ended up enjoying some time relaxing in Adirondack chairs on the lawn. We get a hold of the Pawtucket volunteers, who are also heading to Narraganset, and they give us the address of the place the Brothers are meeting at, and so we head over to the Ocean Tides Campus, where we wander around until Ed and BMR come out and say hello.

The Pawtucket girls arrived shortly afterwards and there was a lot of indecisiveness about what to do. Clearly, our two volunteer groups are the decision makers out there.

We eventually ended up at the beach, and we all got to splash around in the water and play in the surf. We had two explorations go out. The first to explore some rocks and rock-structures, and the second out in the other direction along the expanse of the beach.

It was a lot of fun for us Bedford Park folks to catch up with some other volunteers and see how their jobs were going since only one of the four of us had actually started.

We went back to Ocean Tides at the end of the day to thank the Brothers and to shake the sand off, and then headed up to Providence for dinner.

The Pawtucket girls took us to this pizza place that makes Chicago style pizza in a different style. The crust was different than most pizzas, almost a little pastry like, and oh-so-good! They also only put a little tomato sauce on top of the pizza, and it was easier for me to scrape off. We went to the Pawtucket Palace afterwards, and they gave us our rooms and we all showered and got comfy for a night of hanging out.

Some of the group went out to get snacks and stuff for the evening and then we all hung out in the basement talking about ghosts and haunted houses.

We ended up chilling on the roof, talking towards the end of the night, and all headed off for some beauty rest.

The next morning, we met and split up into two groups. I went with Maddy and Sam and got a driving tour of where they work and we stopped at a Dollar Tree, and hung out there for a bit before we headed into the mall there. We got to check out Build-A-Bear and I made myself a new teddy bear for my time here in NYC. We also checked out Borders, which was awesome, even though it was closing.

We all grabbed lunch and then I went back to the house with Sam and Maddy and Christy while everyone else went for a walk around Providence. I’d already seen the sights before they met up with us. Once we were all back at the house, we were hanging out, and Kenny and Maddy went out to rent a movie for us to watch. They brought back The Last Exorcism which was a weird movie. It was really good, and done in a documentary style. But the ending made it not seem quite so scary.

After the movie, BMR sent us to the Greek festival for dinner, and we enjoyed some authentic greek dishes. For dessert, I had Baklava Cheesecake. I love cheesecake, and I like Baklava a lot. This dessert was SUPERB!

After dinner, we headed out and began the long arduous ride back to NYC. After the longest drive ever…Chris finally got us home, and we all were pretty much ready to collapse.

It was a great weekend, and so much fun catching up with the girls, and spending time at the beach. I can’t wait to go back!

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