Latta Tours

Today was pretty awesome! First off, I led prayer this morning, and then Kenny took Chris and I to Grenwich Village so he could show me around La Salle Academy, which is where I’ll be working this year. I got to meet several of the faculty and staff and the principal of the school.
He also showed me the room for the Academic Support Center and Campus Ministry. It’s a pretty small room, but I think it’s quaint. Dr. Macatee said something about getting us an air conditioner, so we’ll see if that happens. I doubt we’ll get any students if it’s really hot up there. It’s on the fifth floor or something like that…I lost track of how many sets of stairs we climbed.
After the tour of the school, we went to a Thai restaurant around the corner from the school. I was impressed with the food, and after two weeks in Thailand, I feel like that’s actually saying something! Lunch was fairly inexpensive, and filling! I for see a few other lunches happening there this year.
We also went by the other offices for the school, and then headed to Kenny’s favorite bookstore, which was very awesome! There were really tall bookshelves with the sliding ladders, and I bought a book he’d recommended. It’s called “The One and Only King” by T. H. White, and it’s about King Arthur, and the first book in it is called “The Sword and the Stone” and it’s the story the Disny movie is based on. I’m really enjoying it so far!
I also led evening prayer tonight. I read a couple of poems which I’ll add to this once I have access to a computer.

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