So Wednesday started out wonderfully. It was a relaxing morning with prayer led by Chris, and a leisurely breakfast around the table with everyone. I’m really going to miss all the guests we’ve had the last few days. I think that having and entertaining guests is an important part of our community. It gives us a chance to reach out and share with others.

Anyway, since Wednesday was the last day our visitors were in town, we went to do a few things some of them (Glenna and Kelly) wanted to do…which was try to see Wicked. I was indifferent about seeing if, simply because I saw it in San Francisco, and have a list of other shows I want to see on Broadway (or off-Broadway) that I’ve never seen before. But I went anyway, because it meant putting another name in the lottery for Glenna and Chris, who haven’t seen it yet.

So we got to the theater Wicked is playing in around 11 am, and were told to wait outside until 11:30 when the lottery would start. Chris and Glenna ran to Starbucks while Kelly and I held down the fort. Around 11:15, we started to line up, and when the guy who looked rather hung over finally let us fill out tickets, the line went through slowly. Some people got back in line after they filled out their first ticket, but most everyone else simply got behind the marked line to wait for the lottery to be called.

People continued to walk up around noon to try to get tickets in the lottery, which was slightly annoying, but he finally closed everything down. Then, he called the names. There were a couple of times I thought we were going to win. They called two Stephanies and one Christ up, but no one from our group won tickets. We waited around to see what would happen, and if anyone backed out, but no one did. After checking out how much it would cost us to get seats ($140!!!), we left and wandered towards other Theaters. We stopped at the Lion King on Broadway, but that was pretty pricey too, so we continued to the Phantom of the Opera because we heard they had tickets for $26.50. Unfortunately, they were all sold out, but they had some tickets for $41.50, so we took them.

We went across the street to grab lunch before the show, which started at 2. We ordered two medium pizzas (Margherita and hawaiian), a loaf of garlic bread, and mozzarella triangles…at 1:20. We devoured the Mozzarella triangles and the garlic bread before the pizza got there, and Kelly was dishing the pizza out before our server even set it down on the table. We were all done eating, and had paid by 1:53.

Fortunately, the theater was right across the street…literally. So we walked out of the restaurant, across the street, and into the theater, up several flights of stairs, and found our seats.

Phantom was awesome! I loved it, and am very glad I can cross another must-see off my list! The music is so powerful, and the costumes and set design were absolutely amazing. Raoul was not the most impressive broadway actor I’ve seen, but the Phantom did a phenomenal job!

After the show we wandered around for a little bit, and then found our train to head home for Kenny’s dinner. He served homemade tortillas, pico de gallo, rice, red beans, and queso blanco…Kelly made a comment that she didn’t know how someone so skinny could be such a good cook, and it was all delicious. I was very impressed!

After dinner, we played Wii and hung out. Very low-key, but awesome for building community. Br. Bill kicked everyone’s butt at Wii Tennis, but Jenni did manage to give him a run for his money (I think she is secretly a Wii Tennis Pro).

Anyhow, that’s all for the day, and off for more excitement and adventure tomorrow!

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