The Jersey Shore…(well, sort of)

Today, we went to New Jersey. About 8 miles from the Jersey Shore. The LVs Ride crew was just getting done with their cross-country (LITERALLY…like from bike wheels in the Pacific Ocean to bike wheels in the Atlantic Ocean) bike ride to raise money for the Lasallian Volunteer program and to stop the cycle of poverty in the US. We were there to pick up a couple of community members (ahem, Kenny and Br. Ed).

We hung out at the brother’s community in Lincroft, got the place all decorated and pretty for them to ride in after their Atlantic Ocean Adventure, and cheered them in.

It was pretty low-key, and we got to meet a bunch of former volunteers and to catch up with Catherine, another current LV, and the boys from Albany.

The bus ride home that night was interesting, as we had about five bikes crammed into the aisle between the seats, and luggage piled on vacant seats.

We got home, got it unloaded, and everyone headed off to bed.

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