Recovering and Greenwich Village

We spent most of Friday relaxing and recovering. Thursday had a lot of walking, and my legs were feeling a little worn out. Jenni and I walked to the local florist during her lunch break and I bought two bouquets of flowers and a little bamboo plant for my room. Then, Chris and I went to the post office later that afternoon to mail off some postcards and letters.

When Jenni got home that night, we went down to Greenwich Village for John’s Pizzeria. It was only a little bit of a wait, but it was mostly worth it. The pizza was pretty delicious, and the tomato sauce wasn’t too strong.

After dinner we wandered a couple of blocks away and found…drum roll, please…The outside of the F•R•I•E•N•D•S apartment! I took a couple of pictures (which I will add to this post when I get my camera cord!) and then we headed back to get Chris on the subway to get back to meet Br. Joe for some airport pick-ups.

Jenni and I wandered around the village for a bit, taking in the sights, the music, and the culture, and then found a little ice cream place, and we got a little lost wandering back to a subway station, but we wandered right by the school I’ll be working at this year. Which was kind of cool! We finally got close to a subway station, and heard that Chris had lots of stories to tell us since it took him an hour and a half to get home (it really should have only been like 45 minutes), and jumped on a train and headed home, practically collapsing on the couches when we got there.

We headed to bed shortly after…and by we, I mean they…I stayed up to talk to mi familia before bed.

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