Rockefeller Center, Harry Potter Exhibition, and CAKE BOSS!!!

Since we didn’t see anything above ground yesterday, we wandered over to the Rockefeller Center again. We checked out the NBC studios, the Radio City Music Hall, and we wandered around the area where the ice skating rink is every winter. All of this was pretty cool…especially when we found the Lego store! Which was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!

They had all sorts of boxed Lego sets, and I now know which Harry Potter ones my sister is missing…Plus, they have this awesome set up where you can create little Lego people and there’s this giant wall like in a candy store where you can pick out particular Lego pieces you might need/want/be missing. It was really cool!

We also checked out the Metropolitan Art Museum Store, which had some interesting things, including a math book I really want to get.

The NBC Studios store was pretty cool. Not quite my style (it made me realize that I don’t really watch any of their shows), but I appreciated it for the people I know who love the shows on the channel. In other words, I mostly thought of my brother while I was wandering around in there. I’m thinking it’s high up there on his favorite channels/producer/whatever.

Anyway, we left the Rockefeller Center and headed (accidentally) towards Times Square again. We decided to go to a Broadway Store so I could get something about Memphis other than the playbill and the ticket, until they handed me a Memphis fan. Perfect for my wall, by the way. Then we … or rather, I, … saw the sign for the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Discovery Museum in Times Square. My sister, Katie, had mentioned it to me, and I asked Chris if he wanted to check it out. He laughed and said something about seeing me eye it, and said of course he wanted to go. It was actually a really cool exhibit! They had a lot of the costumes and props that were used in the movies (including ones worn by Emma Watson and Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman…swoon to all of the above!!!). The real wands were there, and Hagrid’s Hut was partially there. They had the dementors, a miniature of the Great Hall, which was now just the size of a normal room, and it was probably one of the most awesome things EVER!!!

We went to the gift shop and I got some postcards and pencils, and a quill set, and we stopped at the Cake Boss Cafe (yes, as in Carlo’s Bakery on TLC…one of the coolest cake shows ever), for a Cannoli and cake…both of which were very delicious!

Then we headed home, and relaxed until the next day.

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