Upper East Side, Central Park, Rockefeller Center

Tuesday morning began with a trip to the Upper East Side…where Gossip Girl tends to take place for those of you who like that show (I know I do). Chris wanted to get some running shoes, and the nearest Jack Rabbit Sports was up there. While he got the shoes, I hung out in Starbucks sipping on a venti light ice passion shaken tea, reading a book.

We then wandered down 5th Ave. to Central Park and walked along the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and got caught in a bit of a light sprinkling. We found our way to a subway station and traveled down to the Rockefeller Center and explored the underground part of that while we waited out the rain since we didn’t have umbrellas with us.

Then we headed home and were caught in a heavier rain on the walk from the subway station to the house. I was completely soaked, and fortunately I had a tank top on under my shirt, because it was completely see-through from all the rain!

Chris made turkey tacos for dinner, and we’ve discovered that Florida avocados are too sweet to do pretty much anything with. After a showing of She’s the Man, we headed upstairs for sleep!

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