Target and Coney Island

We decided to run to Target on August 7 to get important essentials that we had run low on like deodorant and body wash…its convenient how they always seem to run out around the same time, isn’t it?

Our Target adventure was an endeavor. We took the wrong subway line and only took 5 minutes off the walk time. The other subway line took 15 minutes off the walk time. Fortunately, the walk there was all downhill. Unfortunately, that meant we were lugging very heavy bags up hill on the way home. But we found the other subway line, and were able to take that home!

After we got back and cooled off a little, we headed out again and visited Coney Island. We stopped at Nathan’s Hot Dogs for a snack, and they were pretty good, too. Then we wandered around some of the stands, rides, and activities that were going on. It was relaxing and fun.

I do have to say one thing though…karaoke on Coney Island is not any better than karaoke anywhere else…the people singing might just be a little more interesting than others.

We headed home after an hour or two, and enjoyed dinner with  Br. Joe relaxing on the porch while Jenni was annoyed by all of the city sounds…including a ice cream truck man who may or may not be a drug dealer? I’m not going to go find out. We’ve got plenty of ice cream in the freezer 🙂

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