Times Square and Memphis

My first week in NYC technically began at 5pm on August 5. But being that I didn’t leave the house, I’m not counting it. I pretty much spent the evening getting situated and all that fun stuff. The adventure didn’t begin until August 6th.

We began the day late. Very late, actually. In the afternoon, we took off to buy Metro cards, and headed to the lovely and wonderfully touristy Times Square. Our plan was just to wander around and see the sights, of which I have several pictures, but still no camera cord, so I’ll be adding them in later for your viewing pleasure. In other words (which is quickly becoming a favorite blog phrase) just because you have already read a post doesn’t mean you don’t want to go back and read it again.

Anyway, back to August 6…so we were wandering around Times Square taking in the sights, when all of a sudden, we decided to rush a Broadway show. Only in NYC, right? So we got in line at TKTS and waited, checked out the paraphernalia that costumed people were handing out, trying to decide which shows we wanted to see. “MEMPHIS” was at the top of our list, and when we got up to purchase tickets at 50% off, there were still some amazing seats available for the three of us! So for about $71.50 each, we got Orchestra Level, Row S Center seats to see the 2010 Tony Award Best Musical Winner on Broadway…with almost the entire original cast…Felicia was played by an understudy who was AMAZING!

So we decided to wander around Times Square and Broadway for a little while and found Junior’s (a little NY restaurant that supposedly has amazing cheesecake…which I will go back and try). We had a very filling dinner and then wandered around until 7pm, when we headed to the theater. We got our seats and prepared to be amazed…and amazed I was. It was wonderful, inspiring, moving, and beautiful. I am so glad we were able to see it!

After the show we hung out by the stage door and got a few signatures on our playbills…so very cool! And then headed home on the subway…which was uneventful, and kind of weird for the subway.

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