Peace Out, California…It's Been Real!

Yesterday, I hopped on a plane. I had everything all packed up (except a ton of stuff that made my suitcase too heavy) and a messy room at home (sorry Mommy!), and I left. I said goodbye to my sisters and my mom and climbed into my dad’s truck, and we headed to the Oakland airport.

On a  side note, I’m really going to miss sourdough bread. And avocado.

Anyway, we got to the airport, found out my plane was delayed, and I was a little concerned about making my connecting flight in LA, but figured God would take care of everything, so stayed on my flight.

I said goodbye to Papa, and headed through security. On another side note, I hate traveling with a computer. It’s such a hassle to pull it out of my tightly packed purse and stick it in one of those bins!

Anyway, I got over to my gate and found a seat and settled down with the book Mommy wanted me to read some four years ago…The Gift of Fear. So far, its not too bad. I’ll keep you posted on how reading it goes! Once aboard the plane I settled into my seat with my iPad and pretended to read. In reality, I was way too excited. I’m finally on my way!

I landed at LAX and rushed to my next gate, where José was waiting. I was so relieved that I knew someone on this flight. Not because I needed someone there, but because its nice to have someone to sit by and chat with. He had a higher number than me, and picked our seats (FRONT ROW, BABY!…Gotta love Southwest sometimes), and we took some time to catch up and reminisce (oh Southeast Asia…good times!)

Once we got in the air, out came the iPad and headphones again…This time to watch a movie. I love “The 12 Men of Christmas”…its got romance and strong women, and good-looking guys…perfect for José and I!

Anyway, we landed at Midway safe and sound and got off the plane first, and hit a wall of humidity (nothing like being back in Asia, right?) We grabbed our bags and chilled in the van until the other group got there. A few minutes later we were on our way to Lewis University, oooing and awwwing at the lightning in the sky (which breaks up humidity, so GO LIGHTNING!)

We got there around 2:30, and got situated. My roommate for Orientation is Desiree, one of my SMC friends. After a not so long night of sleep, here I am, all situated, and ready to go for orientation…albeit a tad bit tired. I’ll try to take time to update this daily, but it might be difficult while at orientation.

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